Durian Tasting Platter

Durian Tasting Platter offers five different durians on a long plate.

5 different durians are included: Selected Kampung Durian, D101, D13, D24 XO, and Musang King.

The durian platter is composed for you to start with the mildest in flavour before slowly but steadily ramping up the intensity.


Fresh, Straight From The Farm

Sure, nothing beats the freshest yields. At DurianBB Park, you can choose your favorite durians and indulge right away in comfort. Have a craving to satisfy? You got it.

D197 Musang King

The King is known for its thick flesh, small core and melts-in-your-mouth goodness. Its long finish has a layered complexity, bittersweet in a savoury aftertaste.

D24 XO

Also known as XO, D24’s fame is only second to Musang King. Its creamy texture has a wholesome yeasty sweetness with a pleasant astringent pull on tongue.  A connoisseur’s favorite.

D13 Golden Bun

One of the best sellers, D13’s buttery texture is paired with a burst of rich and sweet flavors.

D175 Red Prawn

True to its namesake, this beautiful golden finish packs a mighty sweet punch. Fruits from old trees carry a mild acidic aftertaste.

Kampung Durian

Single origin durian. Its dense flesh takes a clean, earthy liking to a delicious sweetness.


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