Musang King Egg Rolls

Made from Musang King durian pulps. Handmade egg rolls without any additional flavoring. Be pleasantly greeted by the Musang King durian aroma once the packet is opened, crisp with a rich egg fragrance.

Musang King Puree

All-new formula for a richer and smoother flavor. Made from pure Musang King durian flesh. This is a ready-to-eat snack and can be used as topping or core ingredient in desserts, such as “thousand layer” cake (or better known as kuih lapis), No-bake Musang King Cheesecake, Musang King ice cream and more.

Musang King Bar

The all-time DurianBB favorite. Richer and more “durian” than ever. First-ever durian snack that retains every flesh and fibre from the fruit

4-in-1 Durian Milk Tea

One pack consists of 8 milk tea sachets. Durian flavor made from 100% freeze-dried durian flesh

4-in-1 Durian Coffee

One pack consists of 8 coffee sachets. Durian flavor made from 100% freeze-dried durian flesh

Musang King Freeze Dries

Using the revolutionary freeze-drying technique, these bite-sized cubes retains all the flavors and nutrients for all-year-long snacking.

Musang King Popcorn

Handmade, crispy and addictive! The Musang King Popcorn is made from non-genetically modified corn from America. Under optimized temperature and moisture levels, the corns are air popped into ball-shaped delights, then coated with a layer of unique powdered flavouring made from genuine Musang King durian, making it the world’s first Musang King Popcorn.


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